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Creator of MC Terrain - Marching Cubes Terrain for Unity

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MC Terrain

MC Terrain

• Procedurally Generated Terrain
• Endless Map Scrolling
• 11 Different Biomes, set up using Scriptable Objects
• Option to use your own Biome and Height Maps
• Player can Raise and Lower the Terrain
• GPU Instanced Grass
• Full C# code included
• Demo version coming soon
Fully documented
Tutorial videos

I thought the player's ability to raise and lower the terrain an dig out tunnels through the rock seemed really interesting so I decided to find out how it could be done. 

I originally intended it just as a personal project, but as it matured I felt that it would be a real shame if it wasn't added to the Unity Asset Store for others to enjoy as well.

I really want to see what you all do with it so be sure to join the MC Terrain discord for all MC Terrain discussion.

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